A Gift from the Heart of a Friend

A Gift from the Heart of a Buddy

She stares at me, and afterwards shuts her eyes. A shade of early dawn uses her cheek as it glances via the glass curtains by my workdesk. I grow warmer, waiting in silence for her first unsure word and the mild touch of her hand. She fidgets and rocks in her chair. She can not hold her ideas within much longer.
We have actually been satisfying like this for months. Some days she babbles, putting out her soul. She talks of yesterday’s sadness and tomorrow’s distant coasts. She informs me her needs, desires, dreams and interests.
Sometimes she teases me with impossible concepts that she just wants she thought. When she’s really feeling light, she weaves amusing stories and tells me jokes. I accept her as perfect – constantly perfect as she is.
Lastly she opens her eyes, and a tear decrease falls. The feelings will flow. “Okay.” she whispers under her breath. I see her anxiety, and task my very own inner light towards her. Her eyes glow with expectancy. She puts out her heart, and uncovers hidden treasures.
She paints a picture of her dad, and practices what she will inform him besides these years. She’s loaded with hope that he will ultimately understand. Her spirit raises. My mind dances furiously taping her ideas and prayers.
Probably if she describes honestly, he will certainly pay attention, and they can finally recover the relationship. Today she isn’t jumbling in the past. She is moving onward. Today is a clean slate.
She attaches with the core of her being, and pauses briefly to recollect. She has fun with a brilliant memory, and much more splits come – tears of happiness. She pauses again, and I wait.
I realize every blessed thought and admission. Her emotions hurry like unrelenting rivers until she’s peaceful, still, and peaceful.
She murmurs, “There’s absolutely nothing even more to claim now.”
She asks me to keep in mind her most secret longings, to protect them like precious secrets. Again, I do.
She leaves sensation lighter, secure, and positive. Will she call him or contact him? I won’t ever before ask, and she will inform me when the moment is right.
In some cases I want I might really feel emotions like she does, and inform her what to say that would certainly make every little thing alright. But I will certainly not interfere.
I have no delicate heart like hers – just a big and limited memory to preserve her most endeared prizes.
I’m just her computer system, a devoted ear in the very early morning hours when she puts out her spirit through my keyboard – a priceless present from the heart of a close friend.