Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II relates to Bipolar I, however it varies in one major element. While Bipolar I has extreme manic and depressive states, Bipolar II has the deep clinical depression, but never ever enters into full-on mania. The highs of this kind of bipolar illness aren’t quite as high, but they are high enough to make the specific notice the drop-offs extra. This type of bipolar problem can be equally as trying on the individual as Bipolar I.

The highs of bipolar 2 are called a hypomanic manic episode. Hypomania is basically a really revved up state of terrific efficiency and quickness. When hypomanic, you speak quick, stroll fast, believe quickly, virtually do everything else quick. You become upbeat, passionate, non-stop hopeful and positive.

Major depressive episode is basically simply an elegant word for depression. When you have a significant depressive episode, you’re significantly depressed. The signs and symptoms coincide as they are for clinical depression. These symptoms are:

— Lowered rate of interest in life.
— Feelings of unhappiness, tension, or irritability.
— Loss of energy.
— Change in hunger.
— Modification in sleeping patterns.
— Really feeling troubled.
— Really feeling decreased.
— Decreased capability to choose.
— Lack of concentration.
— Feelings of worthlessness or guilt.
— Sensations of pessimism.
— Thoughts of self-destruction or fatality.

The major depressive episode is the drawback of Bipolar II in even more means than one. Not only is it the mood drop-off, it’s the expense of having such excellent effective ups. Although you can obtain a lot achieved when in the up stage of Bipolar II and you can likewise really feel fantastic, you pay a high rate for these benefits. You pay with a major depressive episode. Boiling down off of a remarkable, happy high right into an area of pessimism can be ruining.