Control of Social Personality

Control of Social Personality Social and Personality Development We can develop self- discipline, which allows us to take control over the circumstances and emotions that push us away from social and personality development. The emotions demand instant attention because when the emotions are floating around, it robs us of self-discipline and power to take control …

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Worry Causes Anger

Worry Causes Anger If you are constantly worrying then you are harming your body and mind, and eventually your emotions will explode into anger. Worrying often leads nowhere, since most times, the things that people worry about are out of their control. For example, if you have bill due tomorrow and do not get a …

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Achieving Optimum Health

Achieving Optimum Health Optimum health is not just the absence of disease but the presence of wellness in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social areas. Some would also include financial health.” Introduction Optimum health is essential at all levels, from the individual to the society we live in to the environment around us. We have …

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