Writing toward Personal Transformation

Composing towards Personal Transformation Lots of people think of writing as something that only professional authors do. The truth is writing is something for everyone. The method is extensively made use of by individuals functioning toward making individual changes via self-development. Composing allows one to express personal feelings and thoughts without really feeling threatened by […]

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Bipolar Depression

Bipolar Anxiety Bipolar depression, or manic depression, is a disorder of the brain, defined by uncommon changing of an individual’s state of mind, power, and capacity to work. One min, the individual may experience mania, the following he might struggle with signs and symptoms of severe depression. Everyone undergoes the regular ups and downs in

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Commitment Phobia

Commitment Phobia Marilee, a client of mine, was dedication phobic. “I ‘d love to be in a loving connection,” she told me in among our therapy sessions, “yet I’m not ready to provide up my liberty. I have a wonderful life. I enjoy my work and my close friends. I like to travel and take

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Alcohol And Honesty

Alcohol And Sincerity Irene, in her late 40s, had remained in an out of therapy centers for years prior to speaking with me. When in treatment, she was great, with no wish to consume alcohol, however when she returned home with her other half, Frank, and 2 teenage kids, it didn’t take long prior to

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Check Your Frequency

Check Your Frequency From time to time we need to stop during our day to keep our frequency in check. Our frequencies are the ranges of feelings and emotions that we have. Like radio waves, our feelings and emotions vibrate at different frequencies. This is a major part of how we create our reality. And

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