Clearly Seeing Self and Identity in Society

Clearly Seeing Self and Identity in Society

It is these very thoughts, feelings and emotions that dictates the path and decisions we choose in life. Free yourself from emotional drudgery and allow yourself to sit in the driver’s seat. Emotional competency is much closer then you may think.

We must see clearly through each problem we face in order to discover self-identity and self in society. The way we react is generally inspired by the emotions. Despite that, people will always trigger our emotions, causing us distress along the way; we must gain strength of mind to take control of our reactions. Instead of letting people in society get us down, we must learn to make better choices.

You have the choice to choose your friends, job, and the way you handle interruptive situations. If you choose associations that causes you stress, thus you have made a bad choice that will cause many emotional challenges to develop along the way. Good association builds character and strength of mind.

If you decide to work at a job were as your employees or employers causes you distress, don’t feel depressed when you find yourself angry often. It is how you react however, that will lead to good results. Sometimes you must show meek character in order to subdue others and assist them with working in union with you. If this is not possible, then it is time to seek a better job. If you lack skills to get a better job, then it is time to reconsider education.

The way we handle things can determine our fate. If we are quick to react in anger, likely you will develop a violent nature that will lead to serious complications in the future. We must learn to control this anger despite those others will trigger our emotions.

By taking charge of your emotions, you can move mountains and sit down people that trigger your emotions. For example, if someone pushes the wrong button per se, the button that makes you angered, thus if you respond with a meek attitude, keeping it positive, most times that person will walk away feeling bad. Keep in mind however, that there are many people in society that could care less about hurting another person’s feelings. Many people have pushed aside humane qualities that make them unique. They roam the world with a mind full of clutter and rarely will they become acquainted with the self-identity.

Instead of reacting negatively to this type of pattern, we must realize that these people are ignorant. We do not want to become ignorant and childish like them, instead we want to push ahead toward self-developing our characters and skills. We can grow into our being successfully by not allowing influences of any sort dictate our direction.

Most people are influentially created from others in society and in the leadership world. Political leaders, religion, teachers, and many in society often create their state of mind and identity. This is why we have so many problems today. Instead of allowing these influences to reflect on us, and create who we are, we must take charge now and dictate our own self-growth.

We all have innate abilities to cultivate our personality and identity. Yet, we must learn to listen to the signals that brush before us. Many people ignore these signals because we as people have been seriously dehumanized, demoralized and desensitized in society and life. We must re-establish our identity by re-humanizing, re-moralizing and re-sensitizing our character. Only then can we advance toward a brighter future by identifying self, as self and not what someone else created.