E Learning

E Learning

Learning has come a long way since the first schools began to the introduction of text- books and classrooms, to now learning and taking courses on the computer. This is also known as E learning.

What a wonderful tool to have E learning provides ample opportunities for people all over the world. And believe it or not, it is possible for a 2nd grade class to take a field trip from Maryland to California! All through virtual connection by using the computer or E – learning.

But how did all this E learning come to pass? Well as time went on and more and more people were able to connect to the world wide web, more research and development went into E –learning.

Researchers began looking at different ways of using technology to help people learn as well as send emails and do other things by using the Internet access. And with the introduction of more software and E learning solutions such as HTML and other vital file information things began to move even faster for the world wide web and the idea of E –learning stayed on the minds of those who were in the field of learning and technology.

Soon, media players were designed and mp3 players and streaming video or audio, the list just kept getting longer and longer. The use of flash player and Java came along, and all the while those creating these designs had E-learning going on all the while. A revolutionary means of doing things on the Internet like never before, from looking up someone’s address to sending a picture or email, right back to looking up research for assignments. E learning was inevitable for the world wide web and our society.

Then web casts and animation was created as well as better graphics to eventually the web cams allowing virtual tours and field trips or other world wide things no one thought would be possible, but with E Learning it was true and possible to achieve.

Finally with even higher technology and performance like DSL , broad band, and IP networking as well as other applications connecting the world wide web E learning was increased again. With every piece of technology adapted into the world wide web and the Internet that so many people in the world use today, E learning is obviously here to stay.

In fact out of every ten homes in the United States today eight out of those ten have computers and access to the Internet so E learning is definitely here to stay.

Now we have real time capabilities and other sources beyond even our own comprehension unless we are the researchers and developers of a lot of the concepts of the computer and the Internet. E learning is a good tool, and one that simply keeps getting better and improved all the time.

E learning is basically technology in action and that is exactly what the Internet is, and today, there are mp3 players all over the place, desktop computers, iPods, laptop computers, PDA’s and so much more and new products come out all the time. E learning is technology in motion.