Emotional Self Hostage in the Redemptive

Emotional Self Hostage in the Redemptive

Emotions govern self

A person’s self is governed by his thoughts, feelings and emotions. An individual’s body consists of emotions, feelings and thoughts, which governs the nervous system of the body. These elements give instructions to the nerves and then the functioning of nerves begins. This means that these elements really play a vital role in discovering of self. The feelings and thoughts are interpreted, designed and summarized by the six senses.

A person’s perception about life goes on changing according to changing time and he is forced to react. These elements of life are necessary for the survival and they help a person to experience and enhance tools like happiness, sadness, terror, risk and surprise. The quality of life is depended on these elements.

There is a difference between emotions and feelings. The major difference is that feelings are not linked to existence and these prevailing feelings are developed by religion, surrounding and society.

Feelings are affected both by economic and social factors. Emotions can be measured through different variations in the body such as blood pressure, pulse rate, brain and electro-dermal responses. However, feelings cannot be measured. Some of the known examples of feelings are aggravation, expectation, envy, anxiety, suspicion and optimism. These elements come under the category of emotional self hostage.

Emotional stress can cause various problems to both physical and psychological health of a human body. The pessimistic emotions always give stress, which is derived from an incident in life of a person.

These negative emotions can last for long in an individual’s life. When the stressful negative emotions further increase, it gives rise to negative ideas, needs, addictions, imagination, compulsion and obsession. These elements breed throughout the life if a person adopts them. They become a hurdle in an individual’s learning. The memory is fractured which disables a person to think.

When a person is emotionally secure, he achieves the capability of thinking.
Then there is no place for the negative thoughts to enter. There are people who are not aware of the consequences of stressful negative emotions. The negative emotions do not allow a person’s mind to develop. Growth of human body will not ever occur. Stress is a cumulative factor, which tends to last for at least 18 months. It is not exempted easily from a person’s life. It also affects the immune system of a body. Constant stress can prove to be dangerous. Stress element also governs the emotional self hostage of a person.

A person’s self allows to act as well as think. An individual’s well-being governs the self. Therefore, a person should keep a track on his various performances and take immediate steps to improve his acts if required.

Self-discipline solves the purpose of self to act and think to a large extent. It is very important in life as Self-discipline helps a person to achieve his goals and ambitions. If he follows the path of Self-discipline, he will never have any problems at the time of reaching his destiny. He does not have to compromise in his life. Self-discipline is a key to success. It is a cultivated process; it will connect a person’s past to present and further to future.

Planning is very necessary when a person is thinking about his goals and ambitions. Planning comes under self-discipline. Self-discipline helps a person to build his confidence level. Without any fear, a person can follow his self and move ahead in life. Self-discipline solves the purpose of emotional self-hostage by making aware of the cause and effects of negative emotions.
If a person wants any guidance regarding his problems then he can take help from a psychologist. He will really get help in solving his problems. A person should always maintain a balance when it comes to his problems in life.