Feelings for Self Identity

´╗┐Feelings for Self Identity

Self and Society

So many people fail to see why they have so many problems. They fail to see that their emotions play a large response in the way their life turns out. Many people react when the emotions are charged or triggered by some external force. They may say or do things uncommon of them and sit down later wondering why?

So many people have lacked the ability to develop emotional competency, which helps them to understand their feelings. Emotional competency can be characterized as the plane at which an entity reacts emotionally in a stressful situation. The situation may be of little importance or significant, but they still react in the same way each time.

Each day we all go through stressful events. We are forced to pay high bills, pay for outrageous cost of gas, groceries and so forth. Then we have family issues, job related problems and other stressors that add weight on our shoulders.

By developing a higher plane of emotional competency an individual can ultimately handle stress better and to make more effective decisions. Our decisions evolve from our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our emotions will dictate what career we accept or where we want to reside. Ultimately, emotions even dictate who we choose to marry. These are all major decisions we make in life. For this reason, it is essential that we understand our personal feelings and thoughts.

By developing a richer understanding of emotions, one can make better decisions. One of the major problems many people face is understanding what motivates them. In most instances, the answer is simple. Most people are commonly motivated by the emotions. Yet, the emotions are enforced by the subliminal mind where hidden messages reside that gives us answers when explored to solve many problems.

We have many components of emotional skills. When an entity possesses these mechanisms and has developed the necessary skills then that individual will reach a higher plane of emotional strength. These procedures of development are very important for growth and self-identity.

Some of these human mechanisms include the ability accurately to assess self. Accurate self-assessment gives us competency from inner resources, abilities and limits. Self-assessment permits one to stay alert to their personal strengths and limits. We must be willing to comply with development practices that allow us to cultivate innovative perspectives and accept feedback in order to reach a higher plane of mental and emotional growth.

One must involve self by assessing his motivation and by constantly accepting his learning processes to work toward self-development of the identity. An entity in the process of an accurate self-assessment will be clever to see clearly the areas that need further to develop for positive personal change.

Competency develops from self-assessment. This enables one to develop a sense of humor and see things in positive light. It even helps one to assess his own personality and actions and find some humor in his own patterns.

We all have faults and make mistakes. Many people however see mistakes they make or that other people make as blunders, or stupidity. However, mistakes are made from failure to appreciate something, misjudging, misinterpreting, and more often than not, it occurs from confusion. This means that the mind has housed many misconceptions, doubts, fears, and other negative stuff that lead to these problems. The fact is we are all-imperfect and will make mistakes, but we can minimize these mistakes by continuing to grow and learn. Some of the best ways to reform repeated mistakes is to continue to ask self, why I make this mistake.