Got the Blues

Got the Blues

Do you ever feel down in the dumps? Like you’ve got
the blues? Do you feel sad without any reason?

Don’t feel alone. Millions of people share these same
feelings. Feeling depressed can be brought on by a
wide variety of things, anything from a sad song to
the loss of a loved one.

Studies show that depression is more common in the
winter months. The weather is usually dreary more
often than not. Even on clear days, the sun doesn’t
shine very long. Lack of sunshine is a major cause of
depressed moods.

Christmas is the most depressing time of year for a
large number people. It may be the lack of family or
loved ones to spend the holidays with, or it could be
the financial strain the season brings with it.

Often people think of the excitement and anticipation
they remember from their childhood. The eagerness we
experienced in waiting for Santa Clause, and wondering
what we would get, made Christmas such an exciting

As we grow older, those wonderful feelings may lessen
to the point of being almost nonexistent, leaving us
with a sense of disappointment; A feeling of being let

What ever brings on these depressed feelings, it’s
important to remember they’re just passing feelings.
Continuing on with our daily lives is often all the
cure we need. You should however, discuss it with your
doctor if these depressed feelings last more than two
weeks, or if they interfere with your daily life.