Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide. Oh Really? Not!

´╗┐Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide. Oh Really? Not!

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? Do you ever feel like just sitting down and having an old fashioned pity party? Have you ever had that “woe is me” kind of predicament? Somebody said I guess I’m just like Job. Well guess what? Job got healed, and he got back all his earthly possessions and wealth. You can too. Discover how!
Read This Now, Believe It Later!
I want to introduce you to the most important person you will ever meet. He is closer to you than your breath and knows you better than you think you know yourself. Let’s call him your sub-conscious.
Your subconscious is the center of your being; the very essence of who you are. The subconscious causes you to feel up, down, or sideways. And, sometimes causes people to hurt themselves. The subconscious is trainable; thank goodness it is.
This essence of your being is so important that everything that has ever happened to you is stored somewhere in its data banks. Some things are easy to call up, some things are not.
Ask yourself this question. Why do I feel bad when something goes wrong? Ask yourself, why do I feel good when something goes right? Is it “just because”? No! Is it, because the circumstances surrounding you dictate how you are supposed to feel? Good circumstances=good feelings, bad circumstances=bad feelings?
A Blessing In Disguise!
This may be had to swallow, but, circumstances really have very little to do with how we feel. I want you to think about something. If you could change the circumstances right now, you would. Wouldn’t you? But, in most cases we can’t change the circumstances immediately. Time does that.
He’s About One French Fry Short Of A Happy Meal!
The circumstances are going to change whenever they change. It might be a day, a week, a month. Whatever! So, if I can’t change the circumstances right this second, can I make my subconscious think my bad circumstances are really good? Absolutely! Don’t look at me like I flipped my lid.
Consider this: the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between good circumstances and bad. Why should you care? Yes, I know you know the difference, but, that’s your conscious level that knows the difference. Your feelings, i.e. emotions, are coming up from the subconscious level where the most important person lives.
So, doesn’t this make sense? As I said, the subconscious does not know the difference between truth and lie. The subconscious takes everything as truth. So, can we use this knowledge to re-wire the subconscious and cause those bad feelings to become good feelings?
The first thing you have to do is recognize that this is between you and your subconscious and no one else. This strategy is not something where you are going to have to take a lie detector and pass. The biggest hindrance to this, with most people, is getting over the feeling that they are being dishonest and lying to themselves.
Go Ahead, Stick Your Neck Out!
If you think that you are being dishonest, untruthful, and deceptive you will not attempt to re-wire your subconscious. If you don’t re-wire it, you will continue to feel bad when things are bad and good when things are good.
Think about this: we have already determined that we can’t always change the circumstances at the very moment we would like to. So, why does it really matter at all if I convince my subconscious that it doesn’t ever have to feed me bad feelings in spite of what the circumstances are?
Ok, the circumstances are bad. And, I feel bad, but, why do I have to? Who says that it is a universal law to feel bad in bad times? I tell you this for certain; if you are going through bad times, your subconscious doesn’t care. It doesn’t know. It couldn’t care less. I know you do, but that’s your conscious level.
Missing; A Pound Of Flesh!
How many times have you said to yourself, I can’t take this anymore? When is this going to end? I want my life back? What happened? Yea, that is right, you found yourself up to your neck in alligators, the feelings got worse, and maybe the circumstances too.
Contrast that to this. When everything is going your way, how many times have you said, I’m wearing out my welcome, I wish all these good feelings would just go away? Nah, you’re no dummy, we don’t do that. Instead, we cringe in the back of our minds about the day we know they will end.
So, if the subconscious doesn’t care how I feel, and it doesn’t care what the circumstances are, and it has no preference as to what kind of feelings it sends to our consciousness, and it couldn’t care less that you have a face only a mother could love, nah, I’m kidding, then let’s use this awesome mechanism to generate good feelings all the time.
Remember, you programmed your subconscious to give you the feelings that it gives you through your everyday life. You were not born knowing the difference between truth and lie. You had to learn it.
You were not born with the knowledge of knowing to feel bad in bad circumstances and feel good in good circumstances. You had to learn it. And, in the process, your subconscious learned what kind of feelings to send you depending on what kind of circumstances you were going through.
A Tough Nut To Crack!
So, here is a real hard question. If we have to go through the circumstances anyway, and we can’t change the circumstances immediately, and we know the circumstances are going to change whenever they change, wouldn’t we be more content and more joyful going through the raunchy circumstances with good feelings?
I know you want the circumstances to change, but if you could change them you would already have done it. So, don’t let your subconscious make a fruit cake out of you while you’re waiting.
Wouldn’t we have much less anxiety and nervousness, fewer ulcers, and bad attitudes if we felt good in the midst of bad circumstances? Here’s the problem. Whether we admit it or not, we like to feel sorry for ourselves. We like to feel “woe is me” feelings.
We will not always let others know that we are having a pity party, but, none the less, we like to feel sorry for ourselves for a period of time.
Better Than Sliced Bread!
Why? Because it feels natural; it feels responsible, it feels like what we are supposed to do. It’s what we learned. So, if you re-wire your subconscious to believe that bad times should produce good feelings, your subconscious will make you feel like a happy camper.
If you want to know powerful techniques I use to do this, read the article I wrote called, “Ever Feel like Your Elevator is stuck between Floors”. Pretty sneaky of me, huh? :>)
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