Looking thru the Window in Self Organization

Looking thru the Window in Self Organization

Watching through the window of your mind, you notice the rain falling down and feel this sense of uneasiness lead you into despair. As you stare through the grimy windows, thoughts start to cultivate in your mind’s eye and you begin to look back. As you look back in the windows of you are mind you start-seeing shreds of broken trails, yet you just cannot find the details to figure out what you are thinking. Suddenly, you feel low-spirited as the stress overwhelms you. As you continue, looking out that grimy window, a feeling of overwhelmed emotions creep in and you lose control. Now you feel like the hammer is pounding nails in your brain and you just want it to stop, but it is out of your control.

Your cluttered mind needs reorganized, yet you cannot find the strength to get it together. Guess, what, you have the strength within you to clean up those hasty emotions. Cleaning emotions in some ways is the equal to cleaning the windows. When you pick up that cloth, spray it with window cleaner you remove all the particles of dust so that you can see clearly. In similar ways, you will use a cloth to clear up the clutter in your mind’s window, which enables you to put those rusty emotions away. The key then to commanding the emotions is to open up and let your emotions express self. If you feel like crying, do not be afraid since crying relieves stress and pain.

We all go through highs and lows throughout our life. The mind is a channel of valuable information that exchanges ideas daily. We get new information, knowledge, wisdom and more by allowing the mind to do its job. If the windows are closed in your mind, you will not have the ability to take control. This presents a problem, since now you will often act out on emotions rather than giving careful consideration before acting.

At what time your emotions are in a pandemonium, attention is necessary. If you do not pay attention to your mind’s needs, you will experience ongoing problems and find it hard to manipulate through self-organization. Therefore, instead of rejecting your feelings get to the root of the problems. Find out what is going on in your mind. Find out why you are thinking it. What caused you to feel this way? What made you think of this issue?

Give your mind the attention it deserves and it will reward you with calmness. As you attend to each issue, you will see that application of the mind starts slowing down, which allows you space to focus on the issue whilst using senses to consider the issue at hand. This will put you on a thinking trip while you view the open messages, where you will find details that give you meaning. Pay close attention, since you just might learn something new about you. The more you learn about you, the closer you will become to commanding and mastering your own emotions.

Once you wake up the conscious mind, it will inspire you to cultivate the self and organization skills so that you find order. Go all the way, until you are the master of your memories that proscribed your mind. Next, pick up your cloth, window cleaner, and start cleaning that dusty window, since it is hard for me to see when dust is in my way. After you clean, the window, spend a little of your time to look outside again, since you just might see sunny days.