Manage Daily Pressure and Positively Thrive on it Living Happy

Manage Daily Pressure and Positively Thrive on it Living Happy

Until recently, emotional stress and tension was a less-explored and researched part of human psychology. Some people thought of it as an emotional leftover from our animal origins. Modern work has completely negated this argument. It has been scientifically proven that more advanced creatures exhibit emotionally advanced state of mind.

Emotions play a crucial role in our daily lives. They help the mind in assessing situations as good or bad, and safe or dangerous. Emotional stress can be either positive or negative. Positive emotions are more important than negative emotions. They are critical to learning, curiosity and creative thought.

Today’s world throws many negative emotions to us. We get perturbed by these emotions. We brood over them and sink deeper into abyss instead of taking any constructive steps to overcome these problems.

Why are we so obsessed with negative emotion when they only harm us?
The answer to this question lies in the mind of each individual. Over a period of time, we have learnt to accept these stress and anxiety as part of our daily life. We have accepted to live with it. It is time that we break the hold that these emotions and stress have on our minds.

We must have a positive attitude towards life. We must believe that the secret of happiness lies within us. We must make conscious efforts to root out the negative thoughts from our system. We must retain only the positive emotions. This comes with a determined effort to not only distinguish between negative and positive but also by taking steps to hold onto the positive emotions and throwing out the negatives ones.

This can be achieved by self-introspection. We have to dig deep into our minds to weed out the evil and to fill it with good thoughts. It cannot happen overnight. It has to be a continuous mental and emotional process. Meditation is one of the techniques that aid the process of self-introspection. It helps to know and understand your mind better. When you know yourself, it is easier for you to chart out a plan to improve your thought process and to fill your minds with positive vibes and feelings.

Why do we need positive emotions?
Positive emotions results in a calm and relaxed mind, which in turn leads to happiness. When a person is happy, it broadens the thought process and facilitates creative thinking. When a person feels good and happy, they are better capable of brainstorming or examining multiple alternatives.
It enables a person to attain a state of peace and serenity within him/her and with the world around them at large. It will help you to overcome the daily rigors of travel and work. You will find joy in everything you do. You will look forward to each day. You will be motivated to do things that you thought was impossible. You will have an optimistic outlook towards life. Even if the evils of our society continue to exist, we will become immune to it. It will not affect us in anyway.

This process will trigger you to give more to others. Generosity and a helping tendency will be virtues that you will be proud of. It will become an inherent part of you. You will become an epitome of the good things in life.

For all these notions and ideas to come true, there is one thing that each of us should do consciously. That is to shut ourselves to anything and everything that is negative so that we are filled with only constructive thoughts.