Seek your soul and self to achieve your goal

Seek your soul and self to achieve your goal

What am I? What are my priorities in life? These are few questions, which often spring up in one’s mind, but answer to these questions is hidden in these questions itself. Self-expedition means self-exploration. Self-exploration is a process, which will help one to know oneself better.

Human beings have three important faculties, which govern his whole personality. These faculties are heart, brain and soul. The reign of these rulers is different. Heart controls feelings and emotion whereas mind looks after the rationality of the human life. Mind is concerned with practical aspects of life. It is logical and realistic in its judgments as compared to heart, which is sensitive, emotional and poignant in its decisions.

Soul is the deeper part of the human personality, which is intangible, unlike heart, and mind whose presence is felt regularly. The soul is the silent part of the human self, which expresses itself through mind and soul. In other words, soul is placed higher then mind and heart in a human being’s personality.

Mind is always awakened right from the time you wake up early in the morning till the time you close your eyes when you are lying on your bed. But there are two kinds of mind- conscious mind and subconscious mind. Conscious mind is rational while Subconscious mind is the one, which is more illogical. It is bent more towards desire and aspirations of a human being. It resembles human heart mostly because of this reason.

Society has created a morality structure for human beings to ensure smooth functioning of the society. This morality structure forbids one to indulge in sensuous pleasures. Not only that it has laid down certain forbidden traits like, hate, jealousy, fury, revenge and obsessions. Suppression of these forbidden traits is very essential for a human being. But often such suppression leads to frustration and irritation. The accumulation of unexpressed desires leave a human being dejected and he can soon fall in the trap of insanity.

So, it is necessary that there should be sufficient outlet of the suppressed desires in a human beings life. But one might ask about the outlet of negative feelings like fury, hate and revenge, because if such negative feelings should not be given an expression as they can be harmful for the person and the society as well. The answer to such a question is that, firstly one must keep such feelings out of one’s mind. One must stop invasion of such destructive feelings and is somehow they do rouse you to immoral conduct then try to divert these negative feelings into positive conduct. One must try to find various creative activities of one’s interest to occupy one’s mind. While involving yourself in such creative activities, you will find that the passionate intensity of these negative feelings will slowly reduce as your energy has found an outlet in something creative and positive.

But for doing such a thing, you need to analyze yourself carefully. One should do think about one’s goals and aspirations in life and analyze if the path taken for fulfillment of the set targets is right or wrong. Choosing a right path for achieving one’s goal ensures strengthens the chances of winning.

While you are already a successful person, you should be even more careful about your conduct. You should be humble to others who are junior to you. Being boastful and proud are not good traits for a successful person. Try not to acquire such attitudes in your life.

Meditation is one such practice, which one should follow in one’s life to overcome negative traits, which will strengthen one’s personality as well as soul.