Understanding The Key Elements Of The Law Of Attraction

Understanding The Key Elements Of The Law Of Attraction

Fiction or reality

When it comes to the law of attraction people cannot just simply limit to only one explanation given to it. If some people consider it as their karma, there are people that connect it directly to the best rule ever. When we talk about the laws of attraction, we refer to the energy of our feelings. We say energy as it’s working like a magnetic pole: one is emanating energy and someone else receives it. It works like a continuous flow: whatever we transfer comes back to us.

No matter the type of emotions we carry, whether it is anger, love or sympathy we will notice that they return to us in different ways. The law of attraction acts in such a way that each emotional move is rewarded. If you feel love you will get love. Show hate and your reward will be hate. What is special about the law of attraction is that it is very much like gravity: has the same pathway. We will notice that the feelings we show will come back to us in more than just one way. Though we find ourselves in situations we simply feel uncomfortable in, we have the chance to change it by drawing different better ones.

What do feelings worth?

In order to better understand the law of attraction, we need to know more about our feelings. The control exercised over our own feelings gives us the possibility to change the situations or circumstances that we run into daily and which we dislike. So we keep the control over our feelings and we let them circulate so as to let them go with no anticipation whatsoever. Still, since every one of us has their own wishes it’s normal for us to have certain hopes. You can check this for yourself; for instance with the people you meet and interact with: there is a certain reward obtained after having released certain emotions during your interaction. This is what is called law of attraction and it comes right from this natural force.

It’s up to us to change a certain situation. Since there are many emotions that we release without being aware of having done so, we do not have the power to determine the circulation of these emotions. Once the emotions released, whether they were released with our express intention or not, we have already created a certain situation that we find ourselves in. Our future can be changed in a positive way if we change our habitual actions. In order to do so we need to become aware of our own emotions and not to walk away from them. After all they are ours and are part of the real life; therefore they need to be accepted as such. It is not a simple thing to do since you need to be determined, brave and persisting in order to be able to redirect your feelings and emotions. You can fight against the negative emotions by simply keeping them inside you and releasing them only when you have found the perfect time to do so. Hunt your negative feelings and make a deep analyze to each of the actions you make. This is how the law of attraction works: through careful examination of the circumstances before being drawn to them.