Using Declan’s Flashcards to Learn Chinese

Using Declan’s Flashcards to Learn Chinese

Learning the Chinese language can be a difficult task to embark on. Unlike other foreign languages, or the English language, the Chinese language embraces different layers of tones, phonetics, and over 3000 characters. However, the grammar and syntax of sentence structure remains simple in comparison to the English language. With the increasing demand to learn the Chinese language, many teachers have developed new instruction tools to help their students learn better and learn faster. Declan’s Flashcards used to teach Chinese are an effective resource for learning Chinese.

What are Flash Cards?

Flash cards are quite simply a series of cards which have a word or image printed on them. Declan’s Flashcards are different because they use audio lessons along with the flashcards, so the pronunciation of each word is stressed and understood.

Why use Flash Cards to learn Chinese?

In the world of learning, different levels of learning are used for all abilities. Not everyone learns the same. Visual learning, such as Declan’s Flashcards enable to student to create a mental picture and memorization from repetition. It is a more gentle, fun way to learn Chinese. Used along with the audio lessons and exercise practices, identification and application of words come with more ease.

Declan’s FlashCards is a proven system of quickly commanding the Chinese language. The audio word files contain over 4,000 words used commonly and frequently in the Chinese language. The flash cards use the Mandarin form of the Chinese language, the most spoken form of Chinese used today. This flashcard system is user friendly with dialogue and pop up screen to show the written form of the word, as well as it’s pronunciation and the meaning of the word. The student has the option to customize the files, such as creating a new word file, or working with the learning list master. The learning exercises are multi choice which include connection, meaning, and listening.

There are many ways to learn Chinese. And there are many outcomes possible given the method used to acquire the skill. Learning resources and tools are developed constantly to make the study of the language more desirable and accessible for those interested in Chinese. Using Declan’s Chinese Flashcards makes learning Chinese interesting, and takes away the aggravation and frustration involved in learning a second language.

Learning the Chinese language should not feel like a chore. Nor should it deter you away from learning it when you have encountered plateaus not easy to work through. This can be avoided completely and encourage learning if the right tools are used to learn Chinese. Traditional methods of instruction have been improved and the flash cards that were originally designed for grade school students now exist as a successful tool for teaching and learning in the adult world. Take advantage of these new methods, like Declan’s FlashCards, to effectively and quickly take you to the next level of the Chinese language successfully. It can be done faster with access to proven methods such as these.