Why Distance Learning Will Continue To Explode

Why Distance Learning Will Continue To Explode

Distance learning is one of the flavors of the cyber highway. The coming has been fast and furious. Those that do not embrace it will be left behind. For those that are still quick to dismiss it, these are the reasons I think online learning will continue to explode.

1. Distance Learning simply makes economic sense. It is way cheaper than traditional learning. Since most distance learning schools don’t have build and maintain vast array of buildings, they are able to offer cheaper tuition to students. Any student (most students are) who is money conscious will prefer distance learning to traditional learning for this reason.

The cost to commute back and forth to school and home can be saved by money conscious students. The cost of a gallon of gas today makes this a no-brainer. Imagine being able to save all that gas money. This is music to the ears of most online learning students.

2. The flexibility to learn when you want appeals to distance learning students. Students are no longer constrained to learning at a certain time period. They can simple learn when they are ready. This could be as late as midnight.

This flexibility also applies to the time it takes to complete a degree program. You can take as long as you want to complete your program.

3. Distance learning has become the ultimate learn and earn. While I’m an advocate for some people to get their first degree through traditional colleges, it does not make sense to get your graduate degree this way. There is no reason you can’t get a graduate degree, especially master’s degree, while holding a job.

Doing it this way, gives you the opportunity to earn money while learning. While the job is putting money in your pocket, you are also gaining valuable work experience and seniority on the job. Your paycheck will continue to grow. You will also be getting promotions on the job. These things are on hold for those that wait till they get all their desired degrees before getting a job.

Most people are doing this today. This is one of the things that is fueling the distance learning explosion.

4. Distance learning provides you with valuable time with the family. Now, parents do not have to deal with studying and helping their kids with homework at the same time. They can spend this quality time with the kids while the kids are awake. Then when the kids go to bed, they can do their online classes. Believe me, with the time pressure parents are under today, this is a welcome relieve.

Because the arrival of distance learning has made our lives better, it is here to stay. Those that have not embraced it will be wise to do so. Otherwise, they maybe left behind. And being left behind in this cyber age could be detrimental to your earning power.